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Chepachet Cabin

The design of this screened cabin posed two substantial challenges.  One, the site is an incredibly steep hillside (think double black diamond ski trail) that slopes down to the water's edge.  Two, the owner wanted a sizable space for summer entertaining, but the scale of the cottage above and neighboring structures was quite small.


JCA designed the cabin with two crossing gable roof lines.  The end gable profile maintains the scale and proportion of the nearby homes, while masking the substantial volume inside.  The entire structure is notched into the hillside, supported on two concrete retaining walls, and cantilevers out into the surrounding trees.  The vertical sticking of the screened walls and the natural red cedar exterior allow the building to blend harmoniously into its surroundings.


Photography:  By Owner and JCA





rhode island waterfront cabin
waterfront cabinet interior design
waterfront cabin interior design
Chepachet Interior 3 - 2017
Chepachet Ceiling 6 - 2017
waterfront cabin exterior deck

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