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Edgewood Residence


This historic waterfront home was originally built as a summer retreat for the Loutit Family of Providence.  Over the following decades, this shingle style home was enveloped in a number of ill-conceived additions of varying styles.


Although restoring the home to its original state would have been more ideal in many ways, budgetary limitations, a desire to embrace the homes entire history, and a commitment to minimizing waste, led us to a more conservative approach.  Thus JCA’s design called for the demolition of two outlying non-functional additions, the addition of a new garage and screened porch, the complete renovation of the kitchen, and the re-siding of the entire home with natural red cedar shingles.  The result is an ecclectic but attractive home that works for the owner and was completed on budget.

Photography:  By Nat Rea





waterfront home shingle style
garage addition wood garage doors
before construction

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